Christmas is already upon us, and that means it’s time to spend too much, eat and drink excessively, and a time for forced joy, among other situations that comes with the holiday season. However, it also the time for those ill-advised workplace traditions- office holiday parties!

To paraphrase 30 Rock, ain’t no party like an office party because the party is mandatory. And there’s no office shindig more lit than an office holiday party.

But it’s still a little crazy to me that office parties are even a thing, and that they are put on by the HR department. I mean, what with the free-flowing booze, the late hours, and the tension that is likely to build up among people who’ve been forced to spend 40 hours a week confined in one place?

We must admit these occasions are filled with unease and discomfort, not forgetting the high chances of getting fired the following day due to inappropriate comments you made while drunk.

So, if you’ve got an office Christmas party on the horizon or you already had one, here are relatable 12 memes that capture the essence of this ill-advised workplace traditions.

1. I Brought your favorite…

Thank God someone mentioned it. I don’t want to be eating quinoa at an office holiday party unless it’s somehow alcoholic!

2. “Last minute ugly Christmas sweater creation for the office party!”

So relatable, I’m sure some people will be stealing this idea for their own ugly jumper competitions!

3. Are you hiring?

After the party, you have to answer for all your inappropriate comments and gestures while judging the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest!

This also means you’re probably going to have to answer for whatever you said about your boss under the influence, too.

4. “This is what happens when your boss throws the office holiday party on a Wednesday.”

There’s nothing quite like greasy takeaway to help with a hangover!

5. Don’t you remember…?

Any conversation that starts with, “Don’t you remember…” is always something terrible. Especially when you receive an email from HR in your inbox.

6. “It’s that awkward moment when your friend’s fat arm makes you look naked in the office party photo.”

You don’t want the corporate to get their hand on such a photo.

7. Has everyone been working on their harmonies?

Thankfully, I’ve never had to engage in this sort of nonsense at office parties

8. “Went to the office holiday party. Didn’t know corporate was going to be there.”

Well, for once, I think you look pretty dashing! Dashing through the snow, that is… you’re welcome.

9. The Safe Zone

I’m sure lots of people could do with this marking, especially if there’s a free bar at the party.

10. Go home HR, you’re drunk!

Some rules are meant to be broken! I mean, they are not, but it is easier to tell yourself that when you’re falling off the copying machine.

11. Free Bar

Isn’t it amazing how people can tolerate each other when there’s free-flowing booze?

12. Oh My God, You’re Crazy!

People need to stop using office parties to try and show their workmates that they’re “cool” and “really crazy if you get to know me.” Please, “can everyone just drink in silence and have no forced shenanigans!”