Santa has a special surprise for all you naughty folks!

Christmas is that season of the year when stores are filled with holiday gifts and decorations. Due to hind demand for these Christmas essential, it makes sense that many designers make some creative liberties. Or perhaps they’re downright design fails. Who’s to say?

Here’s a list of Christmas-themed decorations and ideas that didn’t entirely turn out as expected. We’re not sure whose faults the abominable Christmas decorations are, but we really don’t care, as long as they’re hilarious.

From suspicious trees that resemble poop emoji to underpants ornaments, these Christmas home decor fails are sure to make you laugh.

1. Wonky Christmas tree.

It looks like that shape a balloon makes when it’s deflating. I think they were trying to make something unique and whimsical, but sometimes it’s better to stick to what works.

2. Someone doesn’t know what a dog looks like.

Unless you’re a pet person, this is an easy mistake anyone could make. Dogs or cats? Who cares! They both have a tail and four legs, don’t they?

3. This terrifying angel.

My friend is getting ready for Christmas with an angel doll that stares into your soul, and I’ve been staring at it for like five minutes and still can’t figure out if it’s supposed to be an infant or an old angle.

4. The Olaf of our nightmares.

I thought Halloween was supposed to be over…

5. Apparently, this is a tree.

I know what you’re thinking. The tree looks like a certain brown emoji. I think it’s time to suspend the designer who came up with this.

6. Underpants Christmas lights.

They look like Bikini bottoms!

7. Watch your font.

It’s funny how a poorly placed font choice can change the whole meaning of the design. This design put an image in my mind that I could have gone without imagining.

8. What’s with these Santa?

This looks like some dessert that was dropped on the floor. Please DO NOT eat this. It’s actually soap.

9. Someone out there doesn’t know what a Christmas tree looks like.

There’s nothing worse than having your expectations crushed by what reality presents to you. This “Christmas tree” looks like a literal lump of coal.

10. “Dad’s sweater is…uh… well…”

I know this looks like those scenes from a National Geographic nature TV shows, but I firmly believe it was just an innocent idea that never saw a critical eye. It’s still cute, right?

11. I had to look twice to understand.

At first glance, I thought there was an image of a skull in the bowl. Then I saw it was actually two birds facing each other.

12. Nooooooooo, Santa!

Seriously, how does this even happen? The longer you look at it, the funnier it gets. It seems the designer didn’t care about our feelings.

13. Oh, no. Poorly thought out poster.

Santa? Good. Pancakes? Delicious. But placing them in such a way that looks like Santa is tinkling on top of the pancake stack? That isn’t very nice.