If parents could predict their children’s actions, their lives would be way easier. But they only can guess what’s going on in their kids’ heads. Children are unpredictable, but we still love them more than anything in this world.

Happiness is a choice.

Don’t use your own fingers if you have a dog.

When you can’t decide how to drink:

“Asked the 2-year-old to brush his teeth and left him unsupervised…”

“The way my son eats bananas”

This method definitely works.

“She’s upset because she can’t have the corn oil that she’s convinced is apple juice.”

“A birthday present from my 9-year-old”

These parents don’t know yet that their child is a future designer.

My brother asked, “Since when is there a Christmas squid?”

You have to defend your opinion.

This boy nailed it. Creativeness matters.


Don’t make things complicated.