We’d like to share with you some vintage photos that illustrate how ‘drafting technicians’ looked like before the computers and technology came. Drafting technicians are professionals who involve in architecture drawings, engineering drafts, and house plans in both manufacturing and architecture sector.

Technology has transformed the world into a better place for everyone, although a few inventions have caused some professionals to cease existing.

But in the case of drafting technicians, technology has made their work less involving, and their working desk even smaller and tidier.

AutoCAD technology was first launched in 1983, and by 1994, over 750 training centers had started using it.

Long before the invention of AutoCAD, drafting technicians required pencils, T-squares, and erasers, among other tools to complete their work. And the photos below can illustrate it better.

But now, they only need to make a few mouse clicks, and their work is done.

By looking at these pictures, I can almost hear the sounds of falling pencils and rustling papers inside my head.