‘Super healthy’ Appalachian State student dies of rare COVID-19 complications.

Chad Dorrill, 19, an exercise science major at Appalachian State University in Boone, lived off-campus and took online classes.

However, earlier last month, he started feeling unwell, and his mother, Susan Dorrill, encouraged him to come home, quarantine and take COVID-19 tests.

School Chancellor Sheri Everts announced:

“After testing positive for COVID-19 in his home county, he followed isolation procedures. [Doctors later cleared [him] to return to Boone.”

“It was after his return to Boone that he had additional complications.”

His family then picked him up and took him to the hospital.

His mother said in a now-private Facebook post that her son didn’t exhibit any known symptoms of COVID-19. He was just ‘incredibly tired’ for two weeks.

19-year-old app state student described as ‘super healthy’ dies from covid-19 complications

Chad’s uncle, David Dorrill, also said of his nephew’s condition:

“When he tried to get out of bed, his legs were not working. My brother had to carry him to the car and take him to the emergency room.”

“The doctor said it was a one-in-a-million case — that they’d never seen something progress the way it did.”

“It was a COVID complication that rather than attacking his respiratory system attacked his brain.”

Doctors suspected Chad had a previously undetected Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder triggered by certain viruses.

The uncle also told The New York Times that his nephew was a basketball player and long-distance runner. Chad was also in ‘tremendous shape.’

He explained:

“He was healthy… Skinny.”

“Chad could run six miles without any issue. He ran with us less than three weeks ago, in fact. He was healthy — until this hit.”

19-year-old app state student described as ‘super healthy’ dies from covid-19 complications

‘Wear Your Mask’

Following her son’s death, Chad’s mother made a public post in which she described how the virus affected her son.

She wrote:

“As our family suffers this incredible loss, we want to remind people to wear a mask and quarantine if you test positive even without symptoms.”

“You have no idea who you can come in contact with that the virus affects differently.”

“Chad was just incredibly tired for two weeks, and little did we know it was secretly attacking his body in a way they have never seen before.”

“If it can happen to a super healthy 19-year-old boy who doesn’t smoke, vape, or do drugs, it can happen to anyone.”

19-year-old app state student described as ‘super healthy’ dies from covid-19 complications

Chad was a 2019 graduate of Ledford Senior High in Thomasville. He was studying to become a physical therapist at Appalachian State University.

School Chancellor Everts said:

“The hearts of the entire Appalachian Community are with Chad’s family and loved ones during this profoundly difficult and painful time.”

“Tributes shared by friends and loved ones show the positive impact Chad had on the communities he loved and called home.”