Even though we all need to focus on positive things in life, the world has increasingly become more challenging to live in. The good-old-days are behind us, and everything seems to turn in the wrong direction.

We often argue the world has developed a lot since of late. For instance, We have easy means to communicate with all our friends from around the world in an instant.

We travel anywhere we want and get to know everything that happens in every nook and corner of the world within a few seconds.

But, can this be called ‘development’?

If you really give it a thought, you’ll understand that despite all the material sophistication, the world is degenerating every minute, and the natural vibrancy of humanity have been distorted by the growing technical improvement.

Housing prices have skyrocketed, while average salaries have virtually stayed the same. Work is no longer 9-5 but 12-12, thanks to cellphones.

Your television is slimmer than ever, but you are most likely larger. Children no longer play outdoors but spend their entire days in front of the screen.

Oh, and while picking out filters and posting photos on social media seems fun, we were actually having more fun before smartphones offered a distraction from everything.

Unfortunately, the confidence and self-esteem of millions of people are now directly dependent on the number of likes they get per photo posted on Facebook or Instagram.

Relationships are no longer based on love but short-term needs, and losing your cell phone has become one of the worst tragedies possible.

While I’m an optimist by nature, I have to admit, in many ways, our planet has changed for the worst.

Don’t think so? Check out these funny illustrations and pics that prove it!

#1 Who Needs Family When You Have Cell Phones… Right?

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#4 Water Is the New Gold

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“Okay, but seriously, no cord is a change for the better and we all know it!”

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#12 How to Waste Time by Decade

#13 The Evolution of Philosophy

#14 TVs Are Slimmer, But People Are Bigger

#15 Being a Teacher in 1960, VS. Being a Teacher Today

“Nearly all teachers agree this is exactly what goes on today.”

#16 No One Understands the Value of Hard Work Anymore (says every Grandparent)

#17 Roles Are Reversing Sooner Than Ever Before

#18 Checking the Mail Then and Now

#19 Holiday Pictures Before and After Smartphones

#20 Smaller Computers, Bigger People