Indulging in a large slice of cake is definitely our favorite thing about celebrating another year older or a wedding. A perfectly frosted cake decorated with sprinkles, hiding a chocolate sponge underneath, is a treat we all look forward to in every party.

And if the baker has a great sense of humor, they can bake a creative, funny cake that you’ll never forget. Adding a bit quirk to a cake can make the party more hep and memorable.

If you’re someone who wouldn’t mind adding a dash of humor to your wedding or birthday cake that’ll elicit heartily laughs in your party, you definitely need to check out hilarious cake ideas we’ve listed below.

1. This cake makes our jaws drop.

2. McDonald’s fans are going to love this.

3. #married

4. Wishing Jordon good luck

5. For those who keep a diet:

6. “I feel you.”

7. The reason why Marge’s hair is so big:

8. A cake any man will love

9. A sloth playing ping pong and sitting on the moon

10. Mind blowing

11. Santa ate too much and fell asleep.

12. When you’re 4 times 10:

13. There’s no way out.

14. When someone celebrates getting their nose done:

15. A little buddy being blown away by an edible parachute

16. “My wife made this awesome cake for my birthday today!”

17. An onion cake

18. “Where’s the other sock?”

19. An incredible night

20. A unicorn that has already eaten a whole cake

21. “You had a chance.”