If you’re a parent, this will probably be the most relatable article you will read today.

Indeed, tantrums and meltdowns are among the biggest challenges of parenting. They’re hard to understand, hard to prevent, and even harder to respond to effectively when they’re happening. There are the ones we can understand, like removing a child from a dangerous situation, taking a dangerous toy off them ect…. but the longest and most gruelling ones usually come out of no where.

“Tantrum” is commonly used to describe milder outbursts, during which a child still retains some measure of control over his behavior. Meltdowns on the other hand are a whole different ball game. The results vary from out of control crying, breath holding, stomping and thrashing around.

Here are some of the best and most hilarious and infuriating responses that parents will find way, way too relatable!

“Because there was an ant on the floor where they wanted to play.” -Sophie

The Matt Damon Incident

“My toddler woke me up one morning screaming for ‘Matt Damon.’ My sleepy mind couldn’t figure out why my toddler was screaming for this actor. After several minutes of her hysterical screaming I finally figured out she wanted to eat macadamia nuts, which were her favorite nuts. Her pronunciation was perfect, ‘Matt Damon, Matt Damon.’ Funny to tell this story now but in the moment it was absolute torture and confusion.” — Darrin, 50, Colorado

“My daughter threw a tantrum because I hurt her feelings when I ‘flushed the toilet.” -Nicole

The Toilet Roll Fight

“My daughter had a toddler tantrum about getting the toilet paper I’d just pulled off for her back on the roll. I told her she could pull another piece but no, she wanted me to stick back the piece I had pulled off so she could then pull it herself. This caused a huge amount of crying and stomping which lasted at least half an hour with her shouting ‘PUT IT BACK, PUT IT BACK.’ She did the same thing with a tangerine I started to peel for her, she wanted the peel back on the orange so she could do it. I guess it was that ‘ME, MINE, and I CAN DO IT’ stage.” — Corinna, 52, California.

Drama Queen City

“When my daughter was four, she had regular tantrums in her preschool at the YMCA. One day, the teacher remarked calmly that she was acting like a drama queen. My daughter stamped her little foot and screamed, ‘I am not a drama queen!’ Eight years later, she’s volunteering as an aide in the same preschool classroom. Her teacher still laughs over that tantrum, and got special permission for my daughter to volunteer with her over the summer.” — Melissa, 49, Oregon.

The Breakfast Burrito Breakdown

“One morning, my toddler refused to eat the breakfast burrito I made for him. So, after 30 minutes of it sitting on the counter —and after he was done with the rest of his breakfast — I took a bite of it and he lost his shit. I offered him the rest and he said ‘no’ and cried harder. And so I kept eating and that only made him angrier.” — Kevin, 35, Chicago.

The Sleeping Sock Meltdown

“My son sleeps with socks on. Weird. But that’s besides the point. One day, I accidentally put two different socks on his feet. He felt the difference and started laughing and asked me to fix it so I did. An hour later when I assumed he was sleeping, he comes out of his room because he wants to tell mommy the ‘funny sock story.’ I tell him ‘no, go back to bed.’ Well, let me tell you I might as well have told him I had to take him to the doctor because he was basically the devil — crying, almost barfing up his cries, screaming that we never let him do anything fun. We literally went ice skating hours before and he said it was the ‘funnest thing ever.’” — Brian, New City, NY.

The Bathroom Wiping Incident

“My son was so mad at me the other day, crying after I asked him not to wipe himself, because I don’t think he’s quite there yet. I repeatedly asked him not to do it and asked him if he pooped. He cried and cried and I was freaking out because I didn’t see poop. Couldn’t figure out what was going on and why he was crying until he expressed that he needed to wipe after pee ‘like mommy.’ Basically, he was mad he doesn’t have a vagina.” — Chrissy, 34, Stamford, CT.

Because I wouldn’t let her put a soggy biscuit into the power point.” – Jade.

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