Bizarre things you’ll only see at the airport.

Waiting at an airport for a flight to depart can be boring — especially if you have a long layover or a delayed flight.

While trying to survive these long waiting times, some people go to extreme lengths to entertain themselves or just get comfortable.

But for others, they use this moment to observe people’s rather unusual quirks.

Here are snaps of some of the funniest and most memorable moments travelers have witnessed at airports.

#1 Yoga-Enthusiast

What better way to pass your time other than doing a spot of yoga in the departure lounge.

#2 This Little Girl Is Exhausted

She managed to remain atop a suitcase while sleeping.

#3 Everyone in the Arrivals Lounge Was Impressed by This Little Girls Efforts…

Even if they could only read one word.

#4 Passengers Were Shocked!

But as she walked past them, they realized it was just her travel pillow.

#5 Protecting Themselves from Pandemic

Yes, donning placing plastic bags while queuing at the airport.

#6 Replacement Captain For This Flight

#7 In Sickness and in Health

This couple came up with a clever way to be each other’s cushions as they took a nap.

#8 You’ll Be Compensated…

How much for a full-body shine?

#9 They Almost Missed Him

He appears to have his own fan club.

#10 Who Needs To Kiss Longer Than That?!

#11 Maybe the toddler Has a Bomb in the Diaper

Most parents can relate to this one….

#12 Saving Time

This fella seems to have a colorful sense of humor? I like the sign above his head that says ‘No jokes.’

#13 Oops!

It’s not exactly a reassuring flight if you’re watching from inside the plane.

#14 “You Need to Step Aside, Sir”

He most likely means ‘metal,’ the music genre. Or perhaps he may indeed be the king of metallic.

#15 Can I Tag Along….

Just don’t get caught.

#16 No Smelly Fruit

This’s a creamy-tasting fruit that smells like rancid rubbish.

#17 Leave Me in Peace

When you’re feeling drained.

#18 That Safety Guard Look Pretty Intense

Is this a normal process?

#19 “We’ve Got Company”

#20 Traveling In Style

This savvy plane passenger opted to wear a helmet for her journey, presumably to avoid catching coronavirus from her fellow travelers.

#21 Oops, Didn’t See You There

Bizarrely, despite their size, these enormous planes managed to back into one another while on the runway.

#22 When You’re So Desperate for Nap, Use Your Suitcase to Prop Yourself Up

#23 These Kids Were Desperate for their Mother to Return Home from Her Trip — for More Reasons Than One!

#24 Pilot Daredevil

This pilot is cooling off with some yoga poses.

#25 Just Surfing Through

Well, it’s only natural to want to jump onto moving things.