A photographer shares stunning photos of dogs groomed like exotic animals and fictional characters at creative dog grooming competitions.

While exploring various dog grooming competitions around the US, pet photographer, Ren Netherland, captured some of the most striking dogs’ pics.

These creatively groomed dogs have been dyed and carefully sheared to depict cartoon characters, wild animals and mythical creatures.

#1 So You’ve Always Wanted a Pet Panda as a Pet…

#2 This Dog Wanted a Pony for Christmas. What She Got Was, Well, Something Like That.

#3 Fairy Poodle

Fair poodle’s eyes say, “please, please help me.”

#4 This Big Goof Will Run Circles around You until You’re Disney

It takes two intense hours to create such a doggy design. Note the tail!

#5 Dressed as Star Wars Character Yoda

The Force is strong with this one…

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, you’ve to admit this one is pretty special. Just check out the artist’s handiwork.

#6 Even a Blue Robot Dog Design Can Make an Impression

He’s a mixed breed: half dog, half machine. And the look on the dog’s face says it all, doesn’t it?

#7 This Guy’s Always Chasing His Tail

#8 Doesn’t the Canine Look Pleased With Himself!

Big Bird and Elmo made it into this design, which comes complete with a sidekick – Oscar the Grouch.

#9 A Lion-Antelope Dog

#10 Pac Dog

#11 Captain Jack Sparrow

#12 What Position Does He Play? Bite End


#13 She’s Cute, but I Wouldn’t Drink Her Milk

#14 Semper Fidelis

#15 His Buff is Worse Than His Bite

#16 A New Breed of Bird Dog

Exotic birds were the theme for this colorful canine. The owner made it to look like a flamingo and a parrot.

#17 Exotic Breed

This crafty canine’s owner made the canine look like it’s half-tiger-half-elephant!

#18 This Pooch look like He’ll Be with You for a Lifetime

#19 A Legendary Tongue

#20 For The Looney Tunes’s Fans out There

This dog is here to represent all of the Donald and Daisy Duck fans out there.

#21 The Pooches Weren’t Just Made to Look Like Other Animals

This pup was decorated with an exotic flower design.

#22 Dragon-Themed Costume

The extreme grooming ideas also included mythical creatures like dragons.

#23 Penguins, Hippos and Lions Make up This Dashing Dog’s Design

#24 This Pampered Pup Have to Get Their Hair Grown Out In Preparation for the Trim

#25 The Pointer, the Stretcher, and the Reacher