Here are foods that look like vaginas.

Nature has given us a bounty of fruits, vegetables, among other foods. And once in a while, it pranks us with some phallic, vulvic, and even butt-like produce.

We’ve compiled a list of various eatable things that look just like vaginas.

#1 This Tub of Butter with a Small Hole In the Middle

You’ll never look at a tub of butter the same way again.

#2 This Pear That Looks Like It Has Legs and Vulva

#3 This Yam

Ever wondered if you had a dirty mind? Well, don’t let these images fool you because everything is not as it seems. They’re just foods.

#4 This Jar of Peanut Butter

#5 This Pumpkin

#6 Cooked Edamame Split Open with a Bean Inside

#7 This Fluffy Cotton Candy with Layers

#8 A Poached Egg on a Bagel with the Yolk Oozing Out

#9 An Oyster on a Shell with Thin Layers of Muscle

They produce pearls and are fabulous to eat …apparently, you can’t unseen this image.

#10 A Peace of Tortellini with Folds That Look Like Legs and Vulva

#11 A Piece of Fried Chicken with a Deep Space in the Middle

#12 An Orange with a Line Down One Side

#13 A Baked Pastry with Many Folds in the Middle

#14 A Tangerine with a Folded Part on One Side

#15 Dried Mango Fruit with the Edges Curled Up

#16 A Mango Seed That Has a Hole in the Middle

#17 A Thin Piece of Steak with a Fold in the Middle

#18 A Prime Tri-Tip Sandwich That Has Flaps of Meat Folded Out

#19 A Small Strawberry Cream Pie with a Hole in the Middle and Frosting on Top

#20 This Baby Carrot Broken In Half

#21 This Donuts

I don’t think these doughnuts turned out how the chef imagined.

#22 This Meat

I’ll leave this one right here…

#23 Japanese Bread

This Japanese snack bread – somehow just is a little – well, graphic almost!

#24 These Red Bell Peppers

Capsicum – or as some may call it the pepper…just got a whole new rating and it isn’t 5 star.

#25 This Pecan Nuts

Maybe they aren’t ‘nuts’ after all.