Most humans don’t like going to the doctor and cats don’t like going to the vet. Additionally, humans don’t like taking their pets to the vet because they have to fight to get them in the car or it means something is wrong, but some vet clinics are trying to lighten up these visits with comedy.

The following list is a collection of hilarious signs from various vet clinics that decided to have some fun with their customers by making up some pawsome cat jokes. From super corny to clever observations about felines.

Here are 30 Puuuuuufect signs to tickle your funny bone.

30. The Corney tale begins ..

29. It’s true!

28. Purrrple

27. Sometimes it’s them patting you.

26. Cats do what they want

25. As usual, they want to take the lead

24. lol

23. Cat vomit is the best thing to wake up too. NOT

22. Boom tish ..

21. Never a truer word spoken

20. Double whammy

19. LMAO So true!

18. Good grief

17. I don’t know if these are getting better or worse

16. Oh some do, believe me

15. Winguardrim levyOhDear..

14. Don’t worry, I rolled my eyes too

13. Ain’t that the truth!

12. Every time, but then again, so would most men!

11. I am positive they do this when their owners sleep

10. Just like telling a woman to calm down

9. I go nothing for this one

8. Poor dogs, always get the bad end of the stick..

7. Exactly

6. Be glad you’re not there for the procedure

5. Peace out!

4. Spayghetti!

3. Once they are free, you have no hope

2. Dear God, NO

In the number one place, we have the grossest one of all