Proof that Walmart is the strangest places on earth.

The US is home to some of the strangest people you’ll ever see – that’s just a fact. But how is it that all these weirdos seem to always congregate at your local Walmart?

Turns out, there’s a site called People of Walmart, which documents some of the strangest, creepiest, and most hilarious Walmart shoppers out there.

Here are some of the most hilarious pics.

#1 Two for The Price Of One!

Leopard-print onesie for all!

Take notes for your next family shopping trip.

#2 Dress to Impress

Off to the club? Make sure to get all fancied up and hit the local Walmart first and flash a smile for the camera.

#3 What? You’ve Never Seen a Walmart Conga Line?

This is how it’s done.

#4 No Thanks

This pair of shoes defeats the purposes of both sneakers and heels!!

#5 Nana Don’t Look Too Happy About This

They probably meant ‘Banana,’ but they couldn’t use the whole word for some reason.

#6 Bread Aisle Please…

Take me to the bread, woman!

#7 Gaming Time

This guy playing video games at Walmart

#8 “I’ll Just Snooze In Here”

Sure, shopping can be exhausting, but at least camp out in the tent aisle or finagle your way into a hammock.

#9 Speaking Of Naps…

This girl gets it.

#10 Say Cheese

“So, I want to get Glamour Shots taken, but I don’t want to go to the mall.”

“Dude! Go to Walmart and hulk out in the cheese section!”

#11 Ride em, Cowboy

#12 Gotta Get a Little Cushion Down There

#13 Don’t Turn Up In An Outfit Like This, Or People Will Make Pizza’s Of You

#14 Land I Love

I know it’s mean to laugh at someone falling over at Walmart, but this is funny.

#15 She’s Tall, and Therefore, She’s Mighty

She wished to be taller, only to regret what it does to her back!

#16 That’s A Dead Coyote!

#17 There’s A Story Being Told Here By His Many Disparate Fashion Choices

He’s patriotic (as evidenced by the hat), a detective (the trenchcoat), and also, super relaxed (the flip-flops).

#18 Yes, That’s a Tail

Whatever you do, DON’T pull it.

#19 Walmart Wedding

A Walmart wedding isn’t something I would recommend, but you can see why this might be a good idea to someone. Walmart always has low prices on nearly everything.

#20 “My Pants Are Staying Up Come Hell or High Water”

#21 Not Sure Which Is Scarier, the Masks or His Shoes

#22 Superman Somehow Joined Forces but Left Him without Any of the Cool Superpowers

#23 Doggy Kool

#24 Picture Says It All

#25 While Listening To Rhianna, Under My Umbrella

#26 “I Like It When the Pants Match the Top”

#27 Let’s See You Escape Grandma’s Kisses Now…

#28 A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma With The Upper Thighs and Lower Butt Cut Out

#29 When No one is Looking…

Welcome to Walmart Fashion Week. Here we have bright fuchsia leg warmers and sandals paired with a unitard!

#30 Punchiest Santa Ever