People share funny airport pick up signs that were impossible to miss and are both hilarious and embarrassing.

Ever seen those signs drivers at airports hold up when waiting to pick up their passengers?

Well, on occasion, people are now turning those signs into moments of laughter (and sometimes embarrassment) for the people they’re picking up.

Here’s a list of the best and the funniest airport greeting signs people have created for their loved ones. And yes, you guessed it right, they all captured everyone’s attention.

There’s some great inspiration here!

#1 It’s Your Turn

#2 The FORCE is Waiting, Vader

Nothing’s like dressing up as legendary Star Wars baddie Darth Vader and greeting a whole platoon of imperial StormTroopers.

#3 Mom’s Going to be Proud

#4 Mommy Should Know Some Things Right Away

#5 Don’t Embarrass Me

We have heard lots of dad jokes, but this is ridiculous. This Star Wars loving dad clearly loves his daughter and went as far as embarrassing her in public.

#6 Who Needs a Legible Sign when You Have an Adorable Face like That?

We don’t exactly know who this little girl is welcoming since we can’t read it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

#7 Holiday Spirit

#8 Just Trolling a Neighbor Coming Home by Flight

#9 Embarrassing His Wife In Front of Business Partners, She Loved It

#10 Too Sweet for Words

#11 Confusing Arrival

One adorable family decided to play a prank, writing “Welcome to Florida” when they were actually in Tacoma, Washington.

Hope the sign didn’t force their guest to turn heel and head back to the airplane.

#12 Bromance

#13 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Meeting Johnny, who actually owns a chocolate factory.

#14 Margaritaville

This cheerful dad was waiting for his daughter to arrive. So he set up an impromptu margarita bar, complete with mixer and an adorable chef’s hat, to celebrate her arrival.

#15 When Your Brother-in-Law Picks You Up at the Airport

#16 Just Read

#17 Report for Duty

#18 Son’s Reaction is Priceless

#19 No Wonder the Brother Didn’t Meet Him

#20 Supportive Son

#21 Sassy Signs

#22 Face Your Family

#23 A Loss for Words

While silly signs are funny and surprising, a romantic sign like this one will make your heart melt.

#24 That’s a lot of Information

#25 Secret Agents

It’s fun to fool everyone into thinking you’re an elite politician or celebrity. And that’s exactly what these two friends did when they picked up their pal, Miss Wilson.

#26 Quite the Surprise

#27 This Seriously Need a Trophy

#28 Welcome Home Daddy

#29 Imagine the Disappointment of Other People

#30 Like Mother like Daughter

#31 The House is a Mess

#32 De-Briefing Incoming

#33 Top-Notch Dedication

#34 Kid’s Savagery

#35 Hottie Alert

#36 Remember Not to Tell Him Your Full Name, and Nickname

#37 When You’re Such a Game of Thrones Fan

#38 Mr. Snowden

#39 No Wall

#40 Siblings Joke