Shop owners make customers laugh out loud with their remarkable sense of humor.

Some lines of business are unique and unforgettable with their whimsical touches.

Check out this list of creative shop owners having a little bit of fun.

#1 For My Last Day of Work at the Pet Store, I Made Myself Employee of the Month

#2 This Cone Display at My Local Ice Cream Shop

#3 This Sign I Found At an Ice Cream Shop in Amman, Jordan

#4 The Children’s Menu at a Local Sandwich Shop

#5 My Local Independent Coffee Shop Uses a Starbucks Mug for Its Toilet Brush Holder

#6 My Grocery Store Cheese Counter Has the Right Idea

#7 Saw This in a Toy Store in Austin, Tx

#8 This Tattoo Shop’s Signs Are Always on Point

#9 False Advertising

#10 This Pizza Shop Gets It

#11 Safety First

#12 Someone at the Arts & Crafts Store Has a Warped Sense of Humor

#13 A Local Computer Repair Shop Thinks They’re Funny. They’re Right

#14 At the Coffee Shop When You Get Hit By This Unexpected Quote of the Day

#15 As Somebody Who Works In Retail, This Sign Should Be Posted In Every Store Ever

#16 Aussie Coffee Shop Tells It Like It Is

#17 They Mounted a Vegan to the Wall at My Local Butcher Shop

#18 Local Hardware Store with a Sense of Humor

#19 Was Sitting at My Local Coffee Shop, and Randomly Decided To Flip Over the Plastic Triangle Menu They Have on All the Tables

#20 I Was Given the Ability To Control What Gets Printed On The Receipts at the Doughnut Shop Where I Work. This Is the First Thing I Did

#21 My Local Ice Cream Shop Has This on Their Dishes

#22 Went To s Mexican Wrestling-Themed Taco Shop the Other Night, Was Not Disappointed

#23 New Seasonal Item in the Produce Department at the Grocery Store

#24 The Sign outside My Local Coffee Shop

#25 Well, That Got Dark Fast

#26 Ad for Local Pizza Shop. They’re Getting My Business

#27 Best Shop Ever

#28 An Actual Canadian Coffee Shop

#29 Local Donut Shop Just Posted This Photo

#30 Found In a Florida Grocery Store. That’s How You Sell Some Produce!

#31 I Found This at My Local Supermarket

#32 My Kind of Shop

#33 Someone in the Wine Section at My Local Giant Eagle Has a Sense of Humor

#34 Coffee Shop Drink Sizes Based on How Much Sleep You Had Last Night

#35 Saw This on the Ceiling of an Istanbul Shop

#36 This Smoke Shop’s Sign

#37 Shaving Sign at a Barber Shop

#38 Meet ‘Empty’

“I noticed this bottle at a local coffee shop and asked the owner about it. He said “health inspector asked ‘what’s this jar?’ and I said nothing, it’s empty, and she said ‘everything has to be labeled’ so I labeled it”

#39 The Children’s Book Section at This Gift Shop Doesn’t Candy Coat a Damn Thing

#40 Donut Shop in My Area Is Doing Renovations