Do you still remember how growing up in the ’90s was like? In case you’ve forgotten, these 50 hilarious memes will remind you of your teenage and childhood years.

These memes will make you laugh, or, perhaps, shed tears for the forgotten fashion and video games of those days. I’m not sure whether I miss my 90’s or I’m just glad they’re over. We now have cool stuff.

And in today’s world, no one floods on the internet with sentimental about their past as the 90’s kids do.

Were our lives more beautiful back then? Or, are we just lucky to be born during a time we could enjoy both worlds?

There’re many things which made our childhood unique. Can you remember the CD player that couldn’t fit in your pocket? And the legendary Tamagotchi? Most of these things aren’t available today. But we’ve got to keep their memories alive.

And what better ways to do this than creating memes? These funny images that will make you miss your 90’s.