Those who know about Airbnb understand how much this company has changed the hotel industry. That is actually an understatement because Airbnb has actually revolutionized the hotel industry.

Today, because of the extensive changes the corporate outfit has made to this important global industry, you get to stay at stunning homes for incredibly favorable prices.

As a result, many people can visit several places around the world without having to pay through the nose for a nice place to stay, and we are thankful for it.

In the past, you were stuck staying at expensive hotels, and the experiences were not always so exciting.

To top it off, homeowners also get a chance to make some cash off this arrangement. So, it is a win-win situation for both holidaymakers and homeowners, although that might not be the case for hotels.

Generally, there is usually nothing unusual about most Airbnb homes, as many of these places are just regular homes offering a valuable service to travelers as they enjoy their holidays. However, some of these boarding places manage to get our attention.

For instance, today, you can stay in a giant potato if you want.

This potato did not end up on someone’s plate as most others do, but it became a house in Idaho, where boarders have to pay $200 a night. So, if there ever was a moment in your life when you ever thought of sleeping inside a potato, your dream has surprisingly come true.

The potato offers a pretty good boarding place actually. For starters, you will get great views of Owyhee Mountains in Boise, Idaho.

Yes, the potato is in Idaho, not on the Emerald Isle.

To make the setting complete, the potato house is located in the middle of the field. So this home gets some points for exclusivity.

Otherwise, the structure is quite stable, and you do not have to worry about the potato crumbling or rolling away while inside.

This home is a steel structure weighing in at six tons. It is made from plaster and concrete.

Seeing its inside, you would never think you are inside of a giant starch-rich vegetable. Instead, what you will find is splendid interior décor consisting of a kitchenette, a small bathroom, a fireplace, and air-conditioning.

The initial plan was not to turn the potato into an Airbnb, but rather to promote the vegetable. It was made by the Idaho Potato Commission.

The potato is not exactly a recent thing – it had been doing rounds throughout the United States from the back of a truck for the first six years.

After these extensive tours, the Potato Commission had no idea what else the giant potato could do for them. But then Kristie Wolfe, a small home developer, suggested turning it into an Airbnb.

That is how the world managed to have an Airbnb made of potato.

To stay at this unique house you have to pay $200 a night in addition to a service fee and occupancy taxes and fees. In total, that comes to $247.

I can see avid potato loves getting behind the idea. But I could be wrong.