Can you remodel your kitchen with bottle caps? A guy on Imgur named Chris thought so. And he even posted pictures of his work on the internet for all to see.

Chris, his crew, children, and friends, created a custom counter bar top that featured a wide assortment of colorful bottle caps for all to see.

According to Chris, his goal was to create “an image comprised of bottle caps.” He managed to complete that goal. His home now features a unique custom counter bar top filled with bottle caps from all kinds of beer brands. Here’s how he did it.

The bottle caps

Chris’ renovations began years ago when he began collecting bottle caps. For five years, he gathered beer bottle caps from friends and family who drank this beverage.

Eventually, he managed to collect enough of them to fill several plastic bags.

Chris estimated that he had thousands of bottle caps, which was more than enough to let him make his new custom counter bar top.

Building the kitchen counter

Chris started his project by building the counter bar top in his garage. Here, he took several pieces of wood and turned them into a beautiful custom bar top. When he was finished, he moved it into his kitchen then painted it black.

Next, he had his children sort the bottle caps by color. By the time they were finished, Chris had finished his plans for his bar top.

He took the bottle caps and laid them out on the top’s surface one by one. He also grouped the caps by color so that they form a continuum of colors across the surface.

For example, one part of the top consisted of nothing but black caps, while another consisted of nothing but yellow ones.

Being a nice family man, he enlisted his friends and family’s help in his project so that they can make things better and more attractive. When they were finished, the bar top’s surface looked like a bright rainbow.

Gluing them in place

Chris bought $500 worth of resin to glue the caps in place. He had to put the resin in several cups to make the work easier, but he did a great job in gluing the caps in place.

Certain parts of the resin created some unwanted bubbles, but Chris managed to take care of them with his handy heat gun.

Chris managed to finish his custom bar countertop, and you can find images of it on his Imgur account. You can also find it by Googling “beer cap countertop.”

The finished product is definitely a conversation piece, and as someone who enjoys beer, Chris considers it one of his best possessions.

The bar top looks like a rainbow when seen from afar, and the careful arrangement of the caps, as well as its superior quality, makes the whole thing perfect. Truly, it’s a triumph of DIY.