A bizarre trend in china has emerged that sees people trapping live animals in keychains and selling them as keepsakes.

Animal activists have revealed that some people in China are carrying live amphibians—turtles and fishes—as keepsakes.

These small animals are trapped alive in small plastic bags.

The bags contain a small quantity of water, crystallized oxygen, along with some nutrients just to keep the animals alive.

And this strange trend has left people throughout the world horrified.

The airtight packets are inhumane, and people trap these animals in tiny prisons for fun.

According to experts, these animals survive on the bare minimum of food, confinement water and oxygen.

Nonetheless, the animals only survive in their tiny prison for 2-3 months. So if the owner wants their pet to live, they must cut it out of the plastic.

But not everyone takes this measure. Some people simply let them die and then throw the keepsakes away.

People have been sharing photos of these keychains online, sparkling rage across the globe.

And according to reports, China authorities have done nothing to stop this animal cruelty practice.

In fact, traders sell these keychains openly near subways and roadside markets. Thousands of stalls across China also sell these souvenirs.

Why is China not doing anything? Because it has no laws to protect small animals.

Most Asian countries have loose laws on animal protection unless it’s an exotic or endangered species.

But animal cruelty cases have been going on for ages. So, since there are no absolute laws, these nations are doing nothing to end it.

Qin Xiaona, director of the Capital Animal Welfare Association, revealed that selling these animal keychains is legal in China.

Qin explained:

“China only has a Wild Animal Protection Law. If the animals are not wild animals, they fall outside the law’s scope.”

PETA has also spoken over the issue and condemned the act.

A representative of PETA said:

“They are a form of extreme cruelty.”

“These key chains provide no way to feed the animals and no way for them to breathe. Fish and turtles, they both need oxygen to breathe.”

“No matter what these vendors tell people about the water, these animals are bound to die…”

And multiple petitions online are urging the Chinese government to ban these keepsakes.

Lawmakers need to come up with stricter laws against animal cruelty.