are retirement homes safe?

If your parents or grandparents are in assisted living systems, or they are planning to opt for this living style; there are some important factors that must be checked, to ensure complete safety.

Choosing the right retirement home or assisted living system for yourself or your adults is not an easy task. You must know the nitty-gritty details before picking a community.

Factors like how the system will deal with weather hazards, like a flood or do they have proper power systems, are crucial to look into. How efficient are the facilities to provide protection?

Assisted living has grabbed a lot of attention in the previous days, and it is growing significantly too. Many states have taken measures to enhance their retirement home systems, and they have done so impeccably.

However, it is important to do extensive research before you send your parents or grandparents to an assisted living community. Check their policies and ensure that their safety measures are good enough.

How to check Retirement Homes for Safety of your parents

How can you ensure safety for your adults before sending them to a retirement home? Here are some ways you can check everything.

Emergency Plans:

To begin with, you must get the emergency plans for the retirement home you choose. The management office must have all the details. Ask questions about their staff and how they are trained.

A good retirement home will have a chronological timeline as well. This will portray how efficiently the facility is taking care of the needs of the people living there. From their food to their clothing and their medication, everything must be well-managed.

Also, inquire about emergency situations. Do they have a team to handle situations like floods or a certain fire emergency? You need to go into details and maybe ask the management to let you see the people who handle these situations.

If the administration system seems to be lagging behind and is not answering your queries efficiently, it is a red flag. An inefficient administration will never be able to run an effective system. Thus, beware!

Power Outages:

Elderly people cannot deal with poor ventilation for a long time. It has a negative impact on their health. And some might be ill to cope with it too. Thus, you need to check the power system too.

Ask the facility about generators and the time it takes for power issues to be resolved. A retirement home with generators is not even considerable. You might also want to ask the facility if they have backup generators because if one fails, another is definitely needed right away.

Government Emergency Situations:

We usually get warnings from the government in case of dust storms, hurricanes, or excessive snowfall. These situations usually require an action to be taken right away. If a snowstorm is expected, food for at least a week or 10 days is required, along with backup. Is the facility efficient enough to deal with these situations? If they claim that they can; ask them how they manage to handle such circumstances, and you will definitely understand through their demonstration whether they are good enough or not.


Retirement homes are growing but ensuring proper safety and care for your parents and grandparents is crucial. A lot of recent incidents in different states, in assisted living systems, have left people a bit worried. Therefore, it is always best if you do your research properly. It is better to invest a bit of time and effort instead of being sorry later on!