This man in Arizona is earning $4,000 a month selling pictures of his feet.

Jason Stromm, 35, has been quickly growing a following of foot fetish fans on social media.

Previously a ‘webcammer,’ Jason turned to feet after one of his clients wanted to see nothing but the bottom of his soles during a live webcam session.

The feet-obsessed client then persuaded Jason to create an Instagram account to show off his ‘perfect feet.’

To Jason’s surprise, he amassed a following of several thousand feet-enthusiasts within the first month.

As a result, he found a new career path, and it seems to be working out pretty well for him!

Jason Now Boasts Over 5000 Followers on Instagram

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Soft smooth pink soles anyone? 😂

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Jason has also been incredibly successful in converting his 5K Instagram followers into paying customers on his OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans allows creators to set up subscriptions for content in which followers pay a monthly fee for exclusive content viewing.

A standard subscription to access Jason’s content is $7.99 per month. He’ll also provide you with a custom video for some extra cash.

This, alongside tips from fans, brings Jason $4,000 per month, at least.

Foot Fetish Is Becoming a Popular Niche

According to Jason, male foot fetishism is becoming an increasingly popular niche.

So, to stand out, he provides his fans with not only pictures but also six-to-eight-minute long videos.

In the videos, he shows off his feet and uses foot fetish terms to turn his fans on — something many ‘feet guys’ are rarely willing to do.

While Jason admits 99 percent of his fans are male, he also has a small, growing contingent of female admirers.

With Jason Having a Foot Fetish of His Own, He Knows Exactly What His Clients Need

Jason said:

“My clients have a foot fetish, and the reason they support me financially is because it’s not something they can find for free online.”

“I understand their fetish one hundred percent because I also have a foot fetish myself.”

“This little thing makes a huge difference for my fans versus other guys only posting images.”

“It’s the only thing I do for work at the moment, and I am able to survive. It’s enough for me to not have to work at a nine to five and it’s easy fun work.”

And His Friends and Family Don’t Mind What He Does At All

Jason’s line of work doesn’t affect his relationship with partners, friends and family.

So, he’s keen to continue growing his audience and make more money in the process.

He said:

“Most of my family and friends know what I do, and they think it’s hilarious, or they congratulate me for being able to make a living doing it.”

“Let’s be honest, not everyone can. I do often get offered to record or take pictures of friends or family’s feet after I tell them what I do.”