This young artist based in Melbourne, Australia, says art has been a pivotal part of her life since childhood. She graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (First Class Honours) in 2011.

On a recent residency with Q Bank Gallery in Queenstown, Tasmania, Jennifer began a project of transforming collected rocks into painted eyes and returning them to the landscape to be found or lost forever.

Jennifer places the eyes back into nature

Queenstown has an extensive mining history and there were many unusual rocks everywhere. So I began a collection and what started as something for myself grew into a treasure hunt/community art project.

The painted rocks feature a realistic painting of an eye that it seems to be actually staring

Jennifer constructs images which straddle the line between realism and illusionism. In her surrealistic portraits, she explores the uncanny, the unconscious mind, transformation and identity. Her works often grapple to find a way to visually express the feelings and desires that we repress.

Queenstown was once the world’s richest mining town and there are many different types of rocks everywhere. Since many people have been asking her about her painted rocks, she decided to make her artworks available on her store. She works by commission so you’ll need to reach her through email and submit your request.