An LA-based artist reimagines Keanu Reeves as Disney princes, and she absolutely nailed it.

The Disney princes are some of the most beloved loyal men to ever graced our screens, and Keanu Reeves is among the famous action movie star in today’s favorite films.

Reeves also has a unique ‘thing’ he does in photos that make him crowned as the ‘King of Respect,’ as well as his explanations of what happens when we die.

And this inspired artist decided to combine the enchantment of Disney’s aristocratic males with our beloved ‘John Wick 3’ star, and the results are magical and comic.

Sharing her inspiration, Crystal Ro said in an interview:

“I think Disney and Keanu blend so well because, currently, he’s having a big “the Internet’s boyfriend” moment. And who else the Internet loves? Disney princes (and princesses).”

#1. Keanu as Prince Charming

#2. Keanu as Prince Eric

#3. Keanu as Aladdin

#4. Keanu as Prince Naveen

#5. Keanu as John Smith

#6. Keanu as the Beast

#7. Keanu as the Prince who kisses Snow White

#8. Keanu as Prince Phillip

#9. Keanu as Li Shang