It’s old news now – Notre Dame Cathedral has been extensively damaged by a fire that started on Monday, April 15.

The roof and the spire are completely gone.

Now, the focus is on how this iconic historic building will be restored.

Having been around for 850 years, Notre Dame is a huge part of French history and culture. To put this into perspective, it is older than the Eiffel Tower by over 700 years!

So yea, the Notre Dame is a very important building, not only to France but also to the world.

The damage the fire did was heartbreaking, and tears were shed on the streets of Paris as spire and the roof collapsed under the effect of the flames.

But rebuilding plans are in high gear now that the fire has been completely put out.

The idea is to restore the building in a way that makes it look as close as possible to its original state, and this means that there will be a need to study the building from photos and videos extensively in order to make the most accurate reconstruction of the building.

Many parties are very willing to help out with this, but there is one source of assistance that has stood out – the Assassin’s Creed: Unity game by Ubisoft.

The popular game is set in 1789 Paris, and it has a spectacular recreation of the Notre Dame Cathedral. This could prove very important during this iconic building’s restoration process.

According to news reports, highly detailed 3D maps of the building, the sort featured in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, can go a long way in helping restore Notre Dame’s lost glory.

The game might not turn out to be the unlikely hero in the restoration process, but it might make a sensible contribution to the rebuilding efforts.

Ubisoft, the company behind the world-famous game, takes recreation of cities and landmarks very seriously, and the Notre Dame recreation in this popular game is a fine example of how brilliant the game maker is as far as this is concerned.

And Caroline Miousse, a Unity artist, admits that she spent years fussing over the details of this building, which is easily the biggest building in the game. She even went as far as working with texture artists to make sure that each of the bricks was as it is in the actual building.

So yes, Assassin’s Creed may play a significant role in helping restore the Notre Dame to its former glory.