When sunbathing at the beach or park, it can be tough to find a comfortable position to read. But Amazon is making it easy for you to enjoy a light reading in the outdoors by launching a beach chair with a face hole.

Picture this: It’s on a beautiful sunny day lounging at the beach and soaking up the sun. You then pull out your favorite book and get to reading.

But after reading one chapter, you start to ache. You wish you could lay down and flip through more pages without your arms and neck getting sore.

Well, with this sun lounger, you’ll never be uncomfortable again when reading a novel laying down.

Ostrich has created a multitasking beach chair, the Ostrich Chaise Lounge, for readers and it’ll solve old-age problems for vacationers.

The chair has a horseshoe cushion for you to rest your face when you lay on your stomach, an adjustable chair back, and a pillow for when you turn for a nap.

The product description on the Ostrich website reads:

“Treat yourself to this versatile chaise lounge. Patented open/close face cavity with arm holes allows you to lie on your back or stomach.”

“Four positions let you recline or lay flat. Lightweight and portable, take your personal tanning bed/massage table/reading chair with you and succumb to the complete comfort experience.”

You can buy the yellow, pink, or red chaise for $43.25, while the blue-and-white striped and blue lounger costs $52.47.

The chaise has received mixed reactions on Amazon, but dozens of shoppers consider it a “wonderful buy.”

One shopper reviewed:

“This is a great product, I have always hated trying to get sun on my back because it’s so boring to lay face down and I hurt my neck.”

“Was straining it to one side or the other or I hurt my back sitting up to read or something, so this is wonderful.”

Another wrote:

“While I usually sit upright most of the time at the beach, having the option to be able to lay face down and read is so amazing.”

“It’s very light and easy to carry, and the sand comes off super easily. The cushion around the face opening makes it super comfortable as well!”

The chairs are also light and easy to lug to the beach on your day off.

Though some Amazon shoppers voiced concerns about the light fabric’s durability and the chair’s stability, Ostrich has reassured that storing the loungers in the shade will prevent wear and tear.