This frowning frog isn’t actually disappointed or grumpy—that’s just how the Black Rain Frog always looks.

Many of us love unusual-looking animals, especially those who have a permanently sad expression.

And it’s safe to say the black rain frog is a strong competitor to become the strangest, yet the cutest.

While you may have never called a frog “cute,” prepare to change your mind.

Black Rain Frogs May Just Be the Definition of “Ugly Cute.”

These little froggies look like little avocados.                                          

Even more, they look like grumpy ones! With bumpy skin, little frowns and oval-shaped bodies, they fit the bill perfectly!

Have You Ever Seen Anything Quite As Sad?

The species is only found on the southern slopes of the Cape Fold Belt in South Africa.

They Love To Bury Themselves in Cool Sand

Since the Black Rain Frog is a burrowing species, they don’t even need the presence of open water! They often bury themselves with sand to keep cool.

While most sand is dry, these frogs seek out moist sand along the coast. And at night, they come out to eat and find some ‘lady frogs.’

This May Be Their Best Feature

When this frog feels disturbed and threatened, it puffs up and enlarges its body, adopting a more aggressive behavior.

Then they yell at their antagonist. Their “roar” sounds more like something from a squeaky toy.

They use this little noise to try to scare others away.

But that Doesn’t Mean They Hates Company

During mating seasons, the females secrete a sticky substance on its back to keep the male from falling off.

So this frog literally refuses to let go of its partner.

Another Interesting Thing about These Frogs is That They Don’t Have a Tadpole Stage!

Most frogs and toads have a stage in their life cycle that they spend as tadpoles. Tadpoles are typically born with gills and live in water like little fish.

However, this rain frogs just go straight from egg to frog!

The Coolest and Cutest Frog Around

These little froggies have to top the list for my favorite frogs ever.

All I can see now are little avocados!

Here’s Another Unusual-Looking Frog, The Desert Rain Frog

This frog is native to a small coastal strip of land between the African countries of Namibia and South Africa.

It has flanges on its back feet that act as diggers to more easily navigate on coastal terrain.