Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life if folk wisdom is to be trusted. After all, what could be more intense than making and getting a lifelong commitment to the love of your life in front of the people you care about the most in this life?

But other than tears of joy, not having the ability to use the bathroom might bring you tears of a different kind altogether.

Using the bathroom in your wedding gown can be a seemingly impossible mission.

One bride could not only foresee this tricky scenario, but she also went as far as doing something about it.

She prepared herself for a bathroom disaster of any sort by making a thoughtful toilet aid, and all it took was a pair of scissors and an IKEA bag.

The outcome was incredible, and she could not wait to share her discovery with other brides on social media. Her Facebook post explained how she had just tied the knot in a mermaid wedding dress and had real concerns about how her bathroom session would be like.

Like many brides, she did not find the possibility of having to get help to use the bathroom on her wedding day particularly appealing.

And so, she told her Facebook fans that for just 0.8 euros and 3 minutes of her time, she had found the perfect solution to her problem.

She took the IKEA bag and cut a large hole in the bottom and stepped inside. As she pulled the bag up by its straps, the dress would be caught inside the so that it could not get into any accidents as she used the bathroom.

Her post inspired other women to share their opinions on the matter.

One woman said that she was advised to use the loo facing backward, but that would still need someone to hold up the skirt.

Another woman says she went full commando in order to avoid any issues when using the washroom. For obvious reasons, this might be a little out of some brides’ comfort zone.

Yet another suggested another effective solution. In a hotel room, she took off her dress and went to the washroom before putting it back on. This is a little taxing, obviously. So, she added that the fact that she did not drink too much during the day cut down on the number of times she had to use the bathroom.

The IKEA bag with its bottom cut off is without a doubt a brilliant hack, and it’s foreseeable that most people will go for it.