We thought only humans who share a strong bond with their siblings, but as it turns out, it’s the same for some animals. This has been proven by two dogs that were left at a shelter by one family when relocating.

Country and Zeus, 6 months old, are brothers who loved with a loving family in Virginia. Sadly, when the family had to move to a new town, they couldn’t take the dogs with them to the new home, for some reason.

So, the two adorable pups were left at the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties. And since they were separated from the former owner, this shelter has become their new temporary home.

Sometimes dogs get too emotional, that’s why they understandably bond well with each other, as well as with humans.

For Country and Zeus, they’re incredibly friendly, and they love everyone they come across. Every pet lover who enters at this shelter and sees these two pups together is left warm-hearted.

Lavenda Denney, executive director of the SPCA, told reporters:

“They are very sweet. They give you kisses and are very expressive. When you walk up to their kennels, they stop barking and tilt their heads to the side to look at you… Big happy puppies.”

They even eat their food together!

At the moment, Country’s and Zeus’ dream is finding a new loving family where they can live and be together at all times.

But these cute puppies are handling life well at the shelter, due to their goofy and sweet personalities. They rarely have problems, unless the dog walker or anyone else tries to separate them.

As soon as these two dogs are kept away from each other, they endlessly whine until they’re reunited.

Denney said:

“They prefer to be with each other at all times. They sleep together in the same bed even when offered separate beds. They look for each other even when walking together on separate leashes.”

The two dogs love each other so much, and they need nothing else besides each other. It might be challenging for the shelter to find a forever family that’ll accept the two pups, but it’ll be worth it. Their brotherhood bond is all they’ve left.

After losing their previous home and family, Country and Zeus refuse to loose each other. They have great temperaments and energy, and they just need a family that’s willing to give them love, care, and protection.

The SPCA of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties is now appealing to anyone who can offer a home to Country and Zeus.

But if you can’t take your chances with two dogs, any assistance will be appreciated. Just share their touching story with your friends and loved ones so that these adorable furry brothers can get a place to call home.

You simply never know, perhaps Zeus and Country’s next home could be much closer than you think. Don’t forget to pass the story along.

If you’re interested in adopting Country and Zeus, contact the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties for more information.