The highly-anticipated live-action remake, ‘The Lion King’, is set to hit the box office on July 19. Now, while you get geared up to watch this new film, you can buy something to tide you over, courtesy of Build-A-Bear.

The company has recently released a collection of plush animals and accessories from ‘The Lion King’ film, and they’re available online or in-stores.

Unlike other Build-A-Bear products, like the new ‘Toy Story 4’, ‘The Lion King’ doesn’t only consist of dressed up animal costumes, it’s full of actual characters from the film.

Some of the characters include Simba, Nala, Pumbaa, among others.

The collections are so cute, I can’t stop staring!

And if you prefer buying this collection by visiting your local Build-A-Bear outlet, instead of ordering online, you’ll get an opportunity to participate in a ‘special heart ceremony,’ as well as a photo session.

The scheduled dates on this summer for the events are July 19-21, July 26-28, and August 2-4.

At every Build-A-Bear outlet, fans are also invited to participate in movie-themed activities. You’ll also get an exclusive movie posture at the end of the day.

Fans can also get a “Nants’ Ingonyama (Circle of Life Chant)” or an “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” sound chip, both for $8.

Along with furry friends, you’ll also find accessories and clothing for queens and kings of the jungle.

Check out some of the items in the Disney’s “The Lion King” collections below!

First Up, We’ve Got Simba, Both Young and Adult

Simba is the most famous character in ‘The Lion King.’ You can purchase it for $29, and it’s cuddly and adorable.

The adult furry Simba costs $35, it’s 14 inches tall, and has a giant lion’s mane.

Next is Nala, Both Young and Adult

Build-A-Bear’s ‘The Lion King’ collection also includes a Nala. A young Nala costs $29. She has bright green eyes, light tan fur, and a tufted tail.

Old Nala costs $32.

There’s Also A Cuddly Pumbaa

This adorable warthog Pumbaa plush has soft brown hair and is priced at $32.

He’s known for his sensitive soul, and big hear, making him an adorable choice for everybody. His name translates to ‘silly’ in Swahili.

You Can Also Buy a Timon Plush

You can’t have a cuddly Pumbaa or Simba without Timon. The three are always good friends.

At just $15, the Timon furry friend is the cheapest in the collection. Thus, there’s no excuse not to buy a plush of the mischievous meerkat.

Hakuna Matata Tank Top

This clothing costs $7.50.

You can also find Circle of Life t-shirt at $7.50 or a Simba sleeper for $13.50.

And, There are Some Cute Dresses Too

This ‘The Lion King’ Halter Dress, would be perfect for Nala, and It costs $16.