Andrea Ivanova has sent social media into a frenzy after posting photos on Instagram after undergoing her 20th lip injection.

Nearly everyone in this world wants to look good and attractive.

Being beautiful doesn’t only make a good impression on other people but also has a considerable good effect on your confidence.

And many people are spending lots of money on beauty and cosmetic treatments to get beauty standards of their desire.

One such person is Andrea Ivanova, from Bulgaria.

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Andrea began her transformation in 2018 and has since spent thousands of pounds on injections to plump up her lips.

Here’s her original look:

And in December 2018, her lips had quadrupled in size.

Still, she wasn’t satisfied and has gone on to have more injections to achieve her goal. She desires to have the biggest lips in the world and is pretty determined.

She underwent her 20th surgery last month on 28th April 2020, in which her lips were filled with hyaluronic acid.

Her lips are now more than four times bigger than her original lips.

Though she likes her new look, she plans to undergo more procedures soon to make them even bigger.

Speaking about the procedure, Andrea said:

“I like my new lips a lot. It was hard to eat after the injection and two to three days after the procedure gets more difficult. There are no restrictions to what I can eat.”

“I love [my lips]. I am not sure if they are the biggest lips in the world, but they are one of the biggest, I think.”

She describes her lips as ‘lovely.’

Previously, Andrea said she’ll ‘stop at nothing’ to achieve her goal.

The 22-year-old also told Mirror that she looks prettier with bigger lips and likes her lips now more than before.

Although some doctors have advised her she doesn’t need more fillers, she ‘still wants [her lips] bigger.’

She continued:

“I feel great to have even more, but some doctors think it’s enough.”

“My doctor said he will do more injections for me but said I have to wait for at least two months.”

She uploaded a photo of her pout following the latest procedure and captioned the photo with the hashtags:

“#love #bigger #lips.”

And her adoring fans have praised her appearance, with one saying:

“Perfect Barbie Goddess.”

While other similar comments said, ‘she looks amazing.’

She has also received criticism, but Andrea says it ‘doesn’t matter’ what people think. As long as she’s happy.

The message she has for slammers? It’s not compulsory for everyone to live as per the standards set by society.