This’s a horrific moment as a female bullfighter in Mexico has her cheeks, jaws, and eyes socket broken after she was gored on her face and then forced down against the wall by a half-ton bull.

Hilda Tenorio, 32-year-old, was injured as she faced down the bull on her knees in Puebla, Mexico. The media has shared terrifying photos showing her injured face covered with blood.

Before she was rushed to the hospital, she received emergency medical care at the scene. According to a hospital report, Tenorio has suffered fracture injuries on her cheekbones and the upper jaws.

El Universal reported that the incidence happened at the “El Relicario” bull ring during Puebla fair celebrations.

Video footage was also shared in the social media of this dramatic moment, showing Tenorio being knocked down by the half-ton bull, nicknamed “Querido Viejo.” The name of the bull translates to “My Dear Old Friend.”

On the video, Ms. Tenorio waves a yellow and pink cape at the bull.  The bull then turns at her, and it doesn’t slow down.

Instead, it fiercely collides with the female bullfighter, pushing her against the walls of the arena. She’s left on the ground, and the onlookers hurry to help her.

After undergoing the operation, Tenorio wrote a post to her social media fans.

“I want to thank you all for your messages of support.”

“My injuries are very serious and I have not been able to sleep all night, sat up in bed because there was no other option.”

She added:

“The doctors have said my upper jaw is broken and my cheeks are fractured from my eye socket.”

She also maintained her scene of humor, adding;

“At least I’ll have a new platinum face, although I wish it was worth more, like the Grammys.”

In another post, Tenorio shared a photo of a hand-written letter from one of her fans. The note had been brought to her in the hospital.

This incidence is the second time this 32-year-old female bullfighter has been knocked by a bull. When she was 16, she suffered facial injuries which resulted in her needing 80 stitches, as reported by El Universal.

Mexican media reported that she’s expected to take a six-month break from bullfighting, as they condemned this sport.

Some animal activists and bullfighting opponents have shown no sympathy for her.

One wrote:

“Mess with the bull you get the horns!!”

Another posted on Twitter:

“Karma is a b****.”

And another wrote:

“I’m sorry, but maybe now you feel how the poor animal must be at the moment you embed those crap.”