Connectivity has simplified our lives. Just at a push of a button, you can catch up with your friends and family from anywhere throughout the world.

However, the connectivity has brought some downsides too.

Just how easy we can locate and reconnect with our high school first crush, the same way your boss can find you too. So, bailing on duties and daily responsibilities has become next to impossible.

We’ve even begun relinquishing our healthy work-life balance as that favor we once sufficed has become a general expectation. And our mental and physical health’s suffering for it.

But Ian Sohn, the president of a global digital agency in Chicago, Wunderman, has come to our rescue. Ian believes in respect for employees’ space and shared a post on LinkedIn about how “employees should never feel the need to apologize for having lives outside” of work.

His emotive open letter went viral, receiving over 39,600 likes, for its honest and supportive tone.

Most comments were supportive of Ian’s view.

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But others believe that things are not quite so simple