The Veterans Community Project in Kansas City has taken serious steps to improve the lives of America’s war heroes. The non-profit organization has built ‘Veterans Village,’ a collection of small houses that homeless veterans can live in for free.

The reason there are so many veterans living in the streets varies.

According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are over 40,000 homeless veterans every night.

As a result, homelessness is a serious national issue that needs to be addressed with urgency.

And many veteran organizations across the country are aware of this problem. These groups are building tiny homes for veterans to live in while they get back on their feet.

One such non-profit organization is the Veterans Community Project in Kansas City.

The project has built more than 50 homes, each house about the size of a studio apartment.

Occupants are provided with food and necessities, as well as a sense of security and stability.

The Kansas City Project is planning to expand in the future. Their goal is to build more homes and a community center for their veterans.

Not only will veterans have a place to call home, but they also have access to classes and counseling.

The counseling is aimed at helping veterans readjust to their lives and cope with trauma.

Some of the issues the veterans will learn include how to manage finances, stay healthy, cook and overcome substance abuse.

Mark Solomon, a co-founder of the Veterans Community Project, told the Kansas City Star:

“They have to be making progress, but they don’t have to jump through arbitrary hoops.”

“We gave them a house outfitted with everything, basically. As they go along, if they need to replace things, that’s on them.”

“We’re going to teach them how to budget, plan in advance, grocery shop, cook, all those kinds of things.”

The Veterans Community Project is made up of self-described “veterans helping veterans.”

This organization has also spearheaded many other projects combatting homelessness and neglect in veteran communities.

Though not the first of its kind, the Veterans Village makes a unique and economically smart place of refuge.

The Clara White Mission in Jacksonville, Florida, also seeks to empower the veterans by building homes for them.

Ju’Coby Pittman, CEO of the organization, aims to raise awareness about the plight of veterans all over the country.

She explains:

“They’ve sacrificed so much for our country, and now they need our help.”

“These men and women deserve to live out the rest of their lives without worrying where they’re going to sleep at night.”

“They deserve our respect. They deserve comfort, and shelter, and warmth.”