Puzzles are nightmares at the best of times, and for the most part, there’s something to aim towards, like a picture. But one company in Japan has created a devilishly difficult 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that’s completely blank and seemingly impossible to complete.

Things are pretty tough at the moment, and people are getting creative in coming up with ways to pass the time, with a whole new host of hobbies emerging.

And many of us have been digging out the old childhood classics from the basement to put an end to those quarantine woes.

But if you’ve already watched all movies and TV shows on Disney+, and re-organized your entire house so that everything is within arm’s reach of your couch, how about attempting this hellish jigsaw puzzle?

Just what you needed for the lockdown!

But just imagine the frustration that you’d get trying to piece together a puzzle that has no obvious pattern, no tell-tale color clues and no satisfying image to work towards.

The only way we could describe such a puzzle is ‘pure white hell,’ and you can see why.

This puzzle looks like one of the worst game anyone could ever wish to partake in.  And it would take a good portion of your month or year to complete it.

The puzzle definitely isn’t for the amateurs, and we wouldn’t recommend trying to put the pieces together while you’re around your children because there’s no chance you could get through this game without cursing and swearing.

Plus, this is not an easy afternoon type of job. You need at least a week of pure concentration.

And it seems as if the creators don’t want you to actually buy and attempt this horrendous puzzle.

On the box, it bears warnings such as ‘the great king of hell has arrived’ and ‘please do not buy this if you are a beginner.’

On top of that, there’s a skull and crossbones plastered on the box, probably because this puzzle has “killed a man.”

The puzzle is available on eBay, or if you’re interested in giving the game a go but are daunted by the prospect of there being 2,000 pieces, you can buy a 1,000 piece version on Amazon, so it can cause you only a half as much existential trauma and dread.

Social distancing and self-isolation might have left us with a lot of time at our disposal, but I don’t think there’s enough time in the world to complete this hellish game.