After remaining virtually unchanged for decades, a Japanese company has given modern tea bag packaging a refreshing sensation.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a delicious cup of tea after a hard day’s work.

Though the tea industry has consistently been booming over the years, one thing has remained unchanged when it comes to having a cup of tea: the traditional tea bags design!

Apparently, some folks had an idea of bringing something unique to the tea industry, hence, the birth of Ocean Teabags Company in Japan.

And, guess what its first tea bag designs are. Squid and an octopus!

Ocean Teabag has recently unveiled its new package redesign with a series of animal-themed tea bags that seem to “come to life” when immersed in a cup of hot water.

How did they do that? The brand teamed up with oddity shop and Village Vanguard to create original tea bags that resemble marine wildlife such as jellyfish, isopods and octopus.

And once you add the animal-themed tea bag to the cup, the tea bag seems to transform into a sea creature, swimming in your tea.

Now that’s something absolutely worth capturing for your Instagram.

Typically, tea bags would cost around 1,820 yen or $16. The investors behind the company have revealed Ocean Teabag began about 3 years ago, and their initial design was a dolphin teabag.

Later on, they came up with more designs. The company team currently has 10 people working on the unique and adorable ocean teabags.

But, since the company is gaining a global outreach, it probably has to start expanding.

As you can see in the photo, the squid teabag is dedicated to the black Pu’er tea. And the resulting dark tea looks like the squid teabag has squirted out squid ink!

The brand has also added persimmon flavor into the mix, to make it sweeter to taste.

On the other hand, the octopus ocean teabags are filled with Keemun tea.

Though the octopus and squid-shaped tea bags are the most popular amongst buyers, there are also other adorable designs, such as a penguin-shaped, which is filled with Chamomile tea.

Ocean Teabags is now planning to create moving as well as glowing tea bags in the future. Currently, the company has over 50 unique tea bags designs on their online store.

And the newest addition to its robust series of marine creatures is a tea bag shaped like an innocuous sea cucumber.

This little parcel is filled with jasmine tea, as well as a smidgen of sea cucumber powder, to give it some authenticity.