Imagine wanting to explore the country, now imagine taking your home with you! This incredible school bus transformation is the best we have ever seen.

What is a skoolie?

A skoolie is a converted school bus made into a small home for travel. This couple have taken it to the next level through a process of trial and error.

Motorhomes are a very popular way to explore the country, but skoolies are becoming more and more popular. Conversions take time and patience but the results are often amazing. This one, however, is exceptional.

Couple Robbie and Priscilla have converted a school bus into their own travel-ready abode through a process of trial and error mixed with some frustration and a dash of luck. The couple wanted the exceptional 210-square-feet of open space that a school bus allows so they could bring along their pet cat and feel like they had more of a home than an RV. The 1998 Thomas School Bus was the inspiration that drove them forward with their plan.

The conversion took a year and a half to complete, with many obstacles along the journey. For example, discovering leaky windows required a complete replacement. Then, a blown gasket kept the project in park for several months.

If ever there was a reward worth the labour, this homey project is it. As a result of their efforts, the couple was able to take to the road in March in a cozy, relaxed dwelling. The lengthy, flowing space is well lit with myriad windows throughout and white cabinetry lining one side. The grey laminate flooring accents the stainless steel appliances and is complemented by the cedar tongue-in-groove ceiling.

Unlike most RVs, this skoolie features both air conditioning and a fireplace, which suits the couple well as they begin their trip in Canada and Alaska, planning to later hit all 48 contiguous states.

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