A husband and wife, both photographers, are using squirrels as the stars of their backyard photoshoots.

One couple has come up with a creative way to pass time that has both humans and critters going nuts.

Daryl Granger and his wife Karen have built elaborate sets stocked with nuts for cute squirrels that frequent their backyard.

Everyone Has Been Looking For Ways to Pass the Time

People across the globe have been going to great lengths to find ways to keep themselves busy and entertained.

However, These Photographers Has Outdone Almost Everyone!

Daryl Granger runs a photography studio, RoseLe Studio, with his wife, Karen, in Ontario, Canada.

And, During COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown, The Couple Decided To Get Creative!

Due to the current crisis, Daryl obviously didn’t have many human subjects to photograph. And who knew squirrels would make perfect substitutes!

Granger told CBC:

“We spend a lot of time in the backyard, and we noticed, ‘gosh there’s a lot of squirrels,’ so we thought ‘why not set up a photoshoot.'”

The Pair Built Two Outdoors Sets to Attract Squirrels to Their Backyard

Granger explained:

“The first one, we named it Nutzy’s Country Market, and we built all the wooden food bins and everything.”

“The last on is a peanut butter factory, and I am working on one, a nut vault — so it will show the squirrels looking like they are trying to get into a bank vault filled with nuts.”

And the Squirrels Couldn’t Get Enough of Daryl’s Mini Market!

Nutzy’s Country Market features an assortment of nuts, including almonds, peanuts and walnuts.

While the peanut butter factory is filled with—of course—peanut butter.

Granger said:

“All these squirrels have personalities. You just see them interacting on a set, and it’s like they’re hungry for nuts. They climb all over things.”

“Since we put the nuts there, I’d swear they told their buddies to come, I’d say the total we have is about 10. You see them coming from all different directions. We feed them nuts, so of course, they’re going to come.”

The Creation is Pretty Entertaining

The couple has shared photos on Facebook, and based on the reactions, they’ve brought pure joy to many.

Granger wrote on Facebook:

“Hoping this puts a little smile on your face!”

And it definitely has!

The incredible collection of photographs has been shared hundreds of times across various social media platforms.

One social media use acclaimed:

“This is exactly the kind of [humor] we all need right now. Thank you.”