This couple couldn’t understand why their Instagram photo went viral.

Dan Hennessey and Wendy Joseph were used to online attention, thanks to their dominating social media presence.

But they had no idea why their anniversary photo had gone viral. So, they decided to read all the comments to figure out what was going on, and it suddenly made a lot of sense.

Who Are Wendy And Dan?

Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey are major YouTubers.

Interestingly, they met, thanks to the Internet, back when social media was barely on anyone’s radar.

However, it played a huge role in how their love story started.

Wendy and Dan Met in 2006

The two began dating in college. However, it’s how they met that made their relationship a little unusual.

When Dan was 18, studying Exercise Science, Wendy was 17 and still in high school. She aspired to pursue a career in public healthcare.

It was through Facebook that the two connected.

Becoming Friends

When Dan found Wendy on Facebook, he sent her a friend request. However, her photos had him smitten, so he decided to send her a message too.

Wendy never replied because talking to strangers on the Internet wasn’t very common yet. But when she showed her friend Daphne his profile, she had a lot to say about Dan.

Daphne told Wendy that Dan had messaged her too.

So, Wendy decided she won’t respond because Dan was probably a player just looking to talk to girls.

But when Dan messaged her again, she responded out of curiosity.

Then Dan Invited Wendy for a Party

After talking for a few days, Dan invited Wendy to a party as there was an obvious connection.

However, they decided to stay friends at that point.

The Timing Was Wrong

Despite their connection, Dan was a young college student and wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship.

Besides, Wendy was just out of a toxic relationship, so the timing was just wrong.

After being friends for several months, they became close and decided to take their friendship to the next level.

They Dated, but It Didn’t Last

After dating for a while, Wendy broke things off because she didn’t know who she was without him. And she wanted to find out.

Dan agreed and let her go, but this wouldn’t be the end of their connection.

She Became an Internet Sensation

Wendy became a YouTuber. Her channel covered hair and beauty tutorials, which helped her make some money on social media.

She also became popular on Instagram.

However, being a YouTube star wasn’t her ultimate goal. So she went back to school.

She Earned a Master’s Degree

Wendy used the earning from her YouTube channel to pay for college.

By the time she was 25, she had graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and was ready for romance.

So, she reached out to Dan, who was delighted to get back with her.

She Posted a Before and After Photo

Shortly after their 10th anniversary, Wendy shared a before and after photo of her and Hennessey.

She wrote in the caption:

“I used to wear my hair stuck to my face every day, and Dan used to shave every week! Now we just take serious swimsuit pictures in different countries.”

The Photo Went Viral

Seeing the photos side-by-side, people couldn’t believe how much the couple changed.

They looked younger now than back then.

One of the comments even said:

“Do you both age in reverse?”

People wanted to know how it was possible. After all, they looked so young and fresh, though they were older.

As It Turned Out, There Was a Big Reason for This Transformation

They are both fitness enthusiasts!

The two are the founders of True4You Fitness, a fitness coaching company, where they give workout and nutrition advice to clients.