This article contains a powerful yet heartbreaking message about animal extinction.

If you’ve ever watched Les Misérables or at least heard its songs, you probably have I Dreamed A Dream (a song that highlights the many ways humans are harming innocent wildlife) etched into your heart.

Now, imagine that haunting rendition being sung by all endangered species of the world. Can you picture it in your imagination?

If you’re thinking about it, this song is probably something that’s going on in every endangered species’ heart. They never dreamed their world would come to a possible end due to human being interference, but their doom is coming closer.

We’re the ones who started it, and if we could try, we would also save them. We only need to make a choice.

And that was the key focus of the short music video Dream created by Zombie Studio for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF). Watching the scenes depicted on the video will make your heat emotional as they contain very disturbing and heartbreaking, animated graphics.

The animation features four different critically endangered animals singing I Dreamed A Dream, and every lyric tells the animals story. The result? A powerful yet heartbreaking rendition of Les Misérables.

The video opens with the creatures existing happily in their habitats.

The short film starts with the animals, pelican (Keenan O’Meara), a blue whale (Ryan Merchant), a baby harp seal (Tal Altman) and a rhinoceros (Natalie Bergman), all singing how beautiful their life was.

They’re all living their dream – the pelican touching the water surface ever so slightly, the rhino family sprinting through the forest, and the seals rolling in the ice. Life’s beautiful (living freely), and they believe ‘God would be forgiving.’

But it quickly turns grim as humans arrive. 

Suddenly, frightening men with evil glowing eyes show up on the beautiful, peaceful land, bringing with them terror and destruction.

The seals spot them first – ‘the tigers coming nigh,’ and they’re terrified at these demon-like figures. Mercilessly, they break through the ice and land on the polar caps.

The heartbreaking video shows the ways poachers are harming animals


Oil spills are another problem that greatly impacts animal habitats,

Even the largest mammals on earth, the whales, are not spared.

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This harrowing video is enough to make your heart sore, but tears won’t help.

We all need to be responsible human beings and find ways to live together with every species in harmony.

The video shows we’re actually the primary threat to the wildlife and the planet. So, we need to change and become saviors if we wish the animal’s dreams to live on.