Smart storage hacks that’ll de-clutter your life.

Nearly everyone struggles to keep their homes clean and tidy. No matter how often you clean or organize, you’ll still end up with cluttered cupboards, drawers or living spaces.

Instead of dumping everything into one giant cupboard or drawer, here are clever tricks that can make your life tidier.

And the best thing, none of them require spending hundreds of dollars at the container store!

#1 Use Bungee Cords to Secure Paper Towel Rolls

All you need is two bungee cords, and you’ve got yourself a nifty paper towel storage solution!

#2 Use a Paper Organizer for Lids

This is a creative way to take advantage of the back of the cupboard door!

#3 Hang Spray Bottles on a Tension Rod under the Cupboard

You can also set up tension rods vertically to help keep plates, frying pans, and other items.

#4 Store Food Wraps and Chopping Boards In a Magazine Rack

#5 Use Magazine Holders to House Water Bottles

#6 Keep Your Vegetables in a Drawer

#7 Use a Pegboard Organizer in Your Drawers

#8 Get a Rotating Food Tray (Lazy Susan)

A rotating tray for your fridge isn’t something you’ll conveniently have on hand, but it’s definitely a cool item to buy for your kitchen!

If you hate reaching in the back of your fridge to grab bottles, knocking over half a dozen others in the process, then this item is for you.

#9 Keep Condiments in an Egg Carton

#10 Store Board Games in a Sweater Organizer

#12 Store Toothbrushes in Dollar Store Cups

If you have multiple kids (or other people in your household), this hack is perfect.

#13 Use Shower Hooks and a Hanger for Bras

#14 You Can Also Use Shower Hooks for Your Tanktops

#15 Organize Undies in PVC Pipes

#16 Use a Letter Organizer for Your Flip Flops and Sandals

#17 Store Your Shoes the Easy Way

This may be one of the smartest closet storage hacks I’ve ever seen. Just cut the tops off of old plastic soda bottles and use them to store your shoes.

The shape of the bottle perfectly fits the tips of your shoes.

#18 Put Your Cords inside Toilet Paper Tubes

#19 Or, Neatly Conceal Your Power Cord in a Shoebox

#20 Label Your Cords

#21 Use a Carabiner to Organize Your Hair Ties

#22 Store Makeup Brushes in a Toothbrush Holder

#23 Use an Old Wooden Hangar to Store Your Necklaces

Storing long, dangly necklaces, bracelets, and earrings is always a challenge because these items love to tangle and knot!

So this hack is an insanely smart idea. Grab a wooden hangar and insert eye screws and then hook your jewelry onto the eye screws.

#24 Or… Try a Corkboard for Necklaces

#25 Use Magnetic Tape to Hold Bobby Pins and Other Small Metallic Items

#26 Use a Kitchen Utensil Tray for Storing Makeup Brushes, Eyeliner Pencils, and Other Long, Thin Items

#27 Pushpins and Shoe Boxes Can Make Some Nice, Simple Shelves

#28 Time to Bring Out the Corkboard Again!

You can also use a corkboard to store belts, ties, hats, and more. You can even affix little wire shelves onto the corkboard, as you see.

#29 Take Advantage of Vertical Spaces

#30 Hang a Storage Tote on Hangers

Need more storage space? Make some!

This solution keeps items off the floor — where it tends to get messy.