Most couples dream of starting a family, and a gay couple from New Zealand is no exception. So far, the pair has gotten an egg donor and a surrogate.

However, Ryan Curran, 27, and Jerome Pacquing, 25, still need $25,000 for IVF. They have decided to use crowdfunding to raise the money.

The money will also cover consultations and the required approvals.

When asked about the procedure, the couple admits the process has not been easy. In fact, they have had to deal with several frustrations and complications along the way.

But by their admission, this is because they have invested so much into the process emotionally and financially. Therefore, a lot is at stake.

However, the two are not about to give up on this dream. “… our desire to have children outweighs all of that.” Curran said in reference to the challenges they were facing.

An IVF cycle and embryo transfer can go for up to $17,000. There are chances that the procedure will not work the first time around. That means a repeat of the procedure for an additional cost.

There is another challenge the couple faces that is unique to their situation-as a gay couple, they lack access to publicly funded fertility treatments.

Consequently, they had to resort to pricier options, which is why they have had to use Givealittle to finance their project.

However, this is not the only option the couple has considered. The partners, who got married over a year ago, also considered adoption and fostering. And it does not matter if this happens on the local or international level.

Still, that is an option that is not particularly appealing to them or any other couple within New Zealand. In general, people have to wait for years before getting consideration.

And that is before considering the fact that international adoption is out of question because countries that New Zealanders can adopt from do not cater to same-sex couples.

That is why IVF was their best option if they want to side-step all the challenges that come with adopting a baby in New Zealand.

They took action following advice from the New Zealand government department.

In case the procedure is successful, the couple will still have to adopt the baby from the surrogate mother. That will be another procedure, and only seven other gay couples have done so within the country.

In case they don’t get the money through crowdfunding, they will have to save until they get the cash. But that is okay with them. What matters the most to them is having a baby they can call their own.