Summer is supposed to be a season of fun. And for the best part, it’s time to eat ice creams, sunbath and chill at the beach, as well as ride your roller coaster.

But just because it’s a season to wear those most revealing outfits, it doesn’t mean you should let down your guard and cautiousness.

One mom is reminding us that it isn’t fun to turn your summertime into a near-tragedy. So, it’s high time to “throw them out” those wire-bristle BBQ brushes!

A 10-Year-Old Boy is Lucky to Be Alive After Swallowing A Wire that Dislodged From A Grill-Cleaning Brush

When Brady Tovell woke up one night with abdominal pains, his parents thought it was just normal constipation.

But the Boy’s Condition Worsened, with Him Uncontrollably Vomiting

After constant vomiting, the parents suspected the boy was having appendicitis problem. So, they rushed him to the hospital.

His mother, Tara Tovell, explained in a Facebook post:

“My 10-year-old son woke up with pains in his belly on 11:00pm…”

“My husband and I thought he was just constipated. He then started throwing up every 30-45 min for the next 15 hours.”

“We thought maybe the flu? Then he was writhing in pain that just seemed to get worse and last longer. I then took him to the Cobequid Centre because I had a fear that he was having appendicitis.”

After an ultrasound scan, the doctors revealed the boy had fluid in his abdomen.

The mother said:

“The ultrasound showed free fluid in his abdomen, inflammation, and that coupled with his pain and the area the pain was in, the consensus was appendicitis.”

Brady was then scheduled for surgery to inspect and possibly remove his appendix.

After two hours the doctors told Brady’s mother that the boy’s appendix was healthy.

Tara said:

“The appendix was completely healthy.”

“There was no irritation, it wasn’t red at all, so they started at that point to just further explore a little bit.”

Doctors Later Revealed the Problem Was Actually a Grill Brush Wire that Had Perforated the Boy’s Bowel

As a worried mom, a piece of wire was the last thing she thought could be the cause of her child’s problem.

She told Global News:

“They explored the bowel, and that’s when they saw the bristle sticking out. Never in a million years did we think it was a barbecue bristle.”

The mother said that they don’t typically use wire brushes while cleaning their barbecue. But she added her boy might have swallowed the wire in an occasion where they were moving houses.

She said:

“The [wired brush] was just here. My husband thought he was being extremely careful every single time he used it.”

“We should have probably replaced the brush. But you just don’t even think about it.”

Doctors Can Easily Miss Dislodged Wires in Diagnosis

Dr. Darrell Chiasson, an emergency room doctor in Halifax, said:

“A lot of people come in with abdominal pain and throat pain, and they themselves don’t really remember ingesting a wire brush.”

Wires from BBQ Brushes Can Cause Some Serious Damage in Your Body

Getting a wire stuck in your throat would be bad enough, but when swallowed, it becomes a critical problem.

Dr. Oswaldo Ramirez warned:

“Once in your intestine, it can perforate through the wall of your intestine, and that is quite concerning,”

“The difficult thing is that if you don’t have a savvy physician, it’s very easy to miss making the appropriate diagnosis.”

Many cases of wires lodging in the throat, and some swallowed by patients have been reported. And doctors are now recommending throwing away wire grill brushes and going for an alternative.