It’s a fact – no two people are ever alike. Even identical twins are never truly identical, each has his/her own unique qualities, even though they might share many qualities. Even clones are never exact matches. So, science can do nothing to change this incredible law of nature. This is just how nature works, and it makes life interesting.

And it’s reassuring to know that there has never been someone exactly like you, and there never will be. That is why it hurts so bad to lose someone because there will never be anyone like them.

But a couple experienced nature in a way they never anticipated. Jorge Gomez and his wife were expecting a sibling for their son, but they were in for more than they ever expected. There were a few surprises along the way they did not anticipate.

But in anticipation of the upcoming birth, the expectant mom took great care of herself so that the baby would be fine, and the entire family couldn’t be happier about the newest family member. They were really hopeful that birth would bring unexpected joy into their lives.

Fortunately, everything was as expected, and there was nothing unusual about the way the pregnancy progressed. Even after several checkups with the doctors. It was only towards the end of the pregnancy that the doctor told them they were about to get twins.

This only served to magnify the joy they had, and their anticipation to meet the twins mounted. Both infants were girls, and their older brother was visibly thrilled by the news. The family had never been happier about the pregnancy.

But there is one more thing the family could never have expected. First of all, labor came a little sooner than they expected, and Jorge was in a panic while his son was scared. Even the little boy could see that something was no so right. But even after this shocker, the delivery turned out to be a success. But there was more they did not anticipate.

As soon as the babies were delivered, another surprise was revealed to them. They got two girls, but their arrival took them completely unawares. Both girls had snow white hair. Even the doctor was at a loss to explain what was going on.

But soon after, it was established that the two girls were albinos. Still, this could not steal their joy, they were so excited to have two more children. The ecstatic couple took their bundles of joy and headed home to celebrate.

Despite the fact that some well-known challenges awaited the girls as they grew up given their condition, the parents knew they would give them all they wanted out of life. What mattered the most was that the two girls had everything they needed as they grew up.

Although there would be a few challenges here and there, the parents would pull all the stops to make sure they did their best. After all, all babies require care regardless of how they turn out.