Woman builds a custom stairlift for her elderly rescue pugs.

Most of us love our pets so much that we would do anything for them. We buy them the best foods, take them to yearly vet visits and spoil them with toys and treats.

And as they get old, we do our best to make their lives comfortable and easier as they face mobility issues.

A New Orleans woman, Sonya Karimi, has come up with a genius idea to help her elderly dogs — she built a mini wooden stairlift to make it easier for them to climb stairs.

Sonya Shared Footage of Her Creation on the Internet, and it Seems Everyone Finds it Adorable

The video shows the smart motorized lift in action, carrying the pooches up and down the stairs.

The 31-year-old Sonya is an occupational therapist. She works with seniors, so she decided to come up with a DIY project for her elderly pups.

Speaking about her inspiration, she said:

“At work, I’ve seen how [stairlifts are] helpful to people. So I was surprised there wasn’t anything similar for dogs with all the different products available for pets nowadays.”

“So I thought that we might be able to create something ourselves for our dogs to use.”

With the help of her partner, Zach Grate, she designed and built the stairlift, and named it ‘Doggie-vator.’

It’s not just a cool ride for the older pups, Sonya’s 4-year-old dog, Emery, also likes to get in on the action.

She told Daily Mail:

“They’ve adapted to it so quickly. I thought I’d have to train them for a while… but they just get on it as if they’ve had it for years!”

“The two older pugs love it especially – they won’t use the stairs, they will sit there and wait until the ride is ready for them and it’s so cute.”

The Quirky Idea has Received an Overwhelmingly Positive Reaction

Sonya’s now planning to paint the stairlift like the famous streetcars in their home city so her beloved pets can ride in style.

She added:

“I did wonder if I was going overboard with the idea. But once we posted about it, the amazing feedback I got confirmed even more that we did the right thing for our pets.”

“If you’re not a pet person, you might think it’s crazy. Our dogs are like our children, so we’re willing to do anything we can to make their lives easier.”