Xenia Tchoumi is a stunning economics graduate who was offered a job as an investment banker at J.P. Morgan after earning her degree.

Tchoumi is a beautiful and very intellectual woman. She has a deep understanding of economics and the ability to speak Italian, Russian, English, German, French, and Spanish. However, Tchoumi turned down that lucrative career deal to work for herself as a social media influencer, which has allowed her to build the kind of career that she wants on her own terms.

There may have been a ton of money in investment banking with J.P. Morgan, but Tchoumi now has something truly priceless, her freedom. Tchoumi has launched an online magazine, has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and has been invited to give three different motivational TEDx talks.

Tchoumi says that the best thing about her job is the freedom to peruse her passion on her one terms and her ability to engage and interact with large numbers of people. Instead of traditional media personalities, Tchoumi finds being her own boss and being able to speak her mind, without concern about what a boss or advertiser might say, is the biggest draw card. If an advertiser has a problem with her content, she can just move on to another one.

Tchoumi also encourages younger people to follow their own passion in the industry, but only if they truly care about the topics that they are speaking on. Tchoumi says that if you have a message, topic or type of product that you are extremely passionate about, you should go for it. There is nothing stopping someone from creating their own path as an online influencer, but it is not a job for people who are just seeking money, attention, or vanity, they must be truly passionate about what they are doing or their potential subscribers will see right through their facade.

The online industry is fierce and the competition is growing every day. You need to remain engaged with your audience. It takes time and dedication, but as the old saying goes. If you build it they will come.