‘A chef who loves food but has a fiery temper and destroys the kitchen when something is out of line.’ I could utterly be talking about The Little Mermaid’s Chef Louis, and it’s easy to see why many fans want Gordon Ramsay to play the character.

Disney recently announced that the 19-year-old Halley Bailey had been cast to play Ariel in the remake of the animated film, The Little Mermaid.

And fans have been all over the internet speculating who else might join in to bring the beloved characters to life.


This film is full of fantastic characters, sweet music, and inspiring, romantic storyline.

In case you’ve somehow forgotten the film’s plot, it’s where mermaid Princess Ariel trades her voice for legs to woo the gorge, Prince Eric.

Remember Chef Louis? He’s a very angry chef who also provides lots of laughs to viewers.

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And one of his iconic scenes is when this chef chases Sebastian around his kitchen and notoriously tries to cook him when the crab ventures into his kitchen.

It’s arguably one of the best scenes of the movie and fans actually have an idea of who can fit in this role perfectly:

Gordon Ramsay!

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Come on, admit it. This would be so on point and epic, and I’d love to see him take on the role.

The much-loved actor has made a household name for himself, thanks to his fiery and often expletive-filled rages several TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef.

But could Ramsay make the leap from kitchen reality TV shows to big-budget Disney fare? The internet seems to think so.


Ramsay has been suggested to be the actor to take on Prince Eric’s cooking-obsessed French chef Louis role.


One Twitter user made the suggestion, tweeting:

“Okay, hear me out, Gordon Ramsay as Prince Eric’s angry French chef, Louis.”

And many seem pretty keen on the idea, and the post attracted over 200,000 likes and hundreds of comments, people throwing their backing behind the idea.

One person responded to the suggestion writing:

“If he doesn’t wedge Sebastian between two pieces of bread and make him call himself an idiot sandwich, I’m calling the police.”

A caps-locker-lover added:


While another user said they could ‘die happy’ if Gordon was to play Louis’s chef’s whites in the movie.

Others tagged Disney and the celebrity chef to ensure that they saw the will of the people.

In other posts, fans are torn between whether they fancy Terry Crews or Idris Elba to play Ariel’s dad, King Triton.

The Little Mermaid release date: When can we expect the movie?

No release date has been confirmed as yet, but production on the live-action remake is rumored to begin in April 2020. That would indicate a release in late 2021.