Fish pedicures have been banned in some places, and for two main reasons – they are health hazards, and they are abusive to the poor creatures involved.

But those who love these pedicures have a different perspective. To them, this is an amazing way to make them relaxed.

However, one woman’s experience with this a fish pedicure has been a terrible nightmare, and it should serve as a cautionary tale for several others who still think getting a fish pedicure is where it’s at.

The Australian woman got more than she bargained once she began losing her toes, one after another, after undergoing the procedure.

The woman started off by getting a simple fish pedicure.  

During this controversial manicure, the feet are put in a tank with many Garra Rufa fish, which feed on the dead skin layer of the feet.

Anyway, for this woman, the problem started innocently enough – she discovered a cut in her toe.

The problem was made worse by the fact that she did not have any feeling in her foot, and that is a problem she was born with.

When she took the injury to the doctors, they could not immediately explain what it was. A definitive diagnosis was made harder by the fact that the woman would also stretch her feet, which would make her less susceptible to such a serious foot problem.

But even when things started getting worse for Victoria Curthoys, even her doctors were at a loss to explain what was going on.

Later, she was found to have a serious bone infection. But this is hardly surprising considering that these fishtanks rarely get cleaned, which means the chances of catching an infection from them are pretty high.

That was back in 2006, and unfortunately for her, and in the end, it was found out that she had a serious bone infection, and a toe had to be cut off.

After her toe was cut off, the resulting wound would lead to another infection, and four years later, another toe had to go.

But the worst was not over, because two years down the line, the infection came back and she lost two more toes, leaving only a toe on that foot.

Later on, the remaining toe on that foot was also cut off, and as you can probably guess, it was due to infection. That was in November of 2017.

Victoria was suffering from osteomyelitis, which is a very severe form of bone infection.

She imagined she would be fine after losing one toe. Not even the doctors could foresee a situation whereby she would lose one toe after another.

So, anyone thinking of having a fish pedicure needs to be careful, as these tanks pose more health risks than most people can imagine.