A Florida man caught with crack cocaine in his car claims that the bag of coke was blown into the vehicle by wind.

Joseph Zak, 37-year-old of Port Saint Lucie, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, following a stop in Fort Pierce on October 5.

According to the arrest affidavit, which was obtained by The Smoking Gun, local authorities signaled for Zak to pull over after he failed to stop at a Stop Sign at Canal Terr and North 23rd Street.

And when the officers approached his vehicle, the authorities reported that they saw Zak trying to hide an open can of Budweiser, and was also seen making “furtive movements, leaning over towards the center console as attempting to discard an item out the passenger window.”

During the search on Zak’s car, the police said they found a “round glass cylinder commonly used for smoking crack cocaine” in the center console.

They also found a clear plastic baggie on the rear seat. After a field test, the baggie was positive for cocaine residue. Authorities also reported that Zak had “blood-shot eyes, glossy eyes, and was slurring his words” when they were questioning him.

The affidavit outlined the search:

“Due to the open container violation, he was removed from the sedan and detained in handcuffs for our safety. Zak gave his consent to the search of his vehicle. A search of his vehicle revealed a glass round cylinder commonly used for smoking crack cocaine in the center console.”

“A clear baggie was also located in the rear seat with a whitish residue, which tested positive for crack cocaine.”

Despite the clear evidence found in the car, Zak allegedly told the police that the cocaine wasn’t his, and “the police or the wind” must have placed it in his car.

Authorities also reported that he refused to answer whether the plastic bag with cocaine belonged to the owner of the car.

Before the traffic stop, Zak was seen in Reno Hotel’s parking lot, drinking alcohol in public and holding a bag that contained a “whitish substance.”

Local authorities described Reno Motel as being “a known area for drug sells and prostitution,” and officers had made multiple arrests in the motel.

Zak’s claims that the coke was ‘blown to the car by strong wind’ wasn’t enough to save him from getting arrested, however. He’s now been charged with multiple crimes, including possession of paraphernalia, and he’s due in court on December 3 for an arraignment hearing.