The love and bond grandparents share with their grandkids is truly unique. That is why some go to a lot of lengths to make their grandchildren happy.

But most have nothing on what the grandparents of one lucky two-year-old did. Seriously, they pulled all the stops here.

The two went all out and make the girl, Logan, a tailor-made Hogwarts playhouse. And it’s no toy either-this is a life-sized home you can very well live in.

If that does not say the couple loves their grandkid, we don’t know what does.

We are jealous.

Many diehard Harry Potter fans are probably curious whether the couple would be open to adoption. Because seriously, this fancy house would be the ultimate Harry Potter fan’s dream.

To make the project a success, they enlisted the help of Charmed Playhouses in Alberta, Canada. These guys got to work, doing what they do best to make a playhouse dream, unlike anything you can imagine.

Once they were done, the outcome was magical. The house was without an equal in Spencerville, Ontario.

The playhouse is based on Hogwarts, the popular school Harry Potter attended.

Needless to say, Logan is more than excited with her gift. There are genuine doubts that the girl will ever want to go back home after experiencing fun times in her house.

The girl is a huge Harry Potter fan, and the house is full of Harry Potter-themed items. These include pictures of Hermione and Ron.

So big is the house that the living room even has a fireplace.

They are not done yet.

Dave and Ruby, the grandparents, want to keep upgrading the place. They will even work in a zipline once Logan is a little bigger.

The work took over six weeks of effort by Charmed Playhouses. Clearly, they’ve managed to make Logan’s favorite hangout.

Their son-in-law, the girl’s dad, is also a huge Harry Potter fan. So, you can bet that it’s not just Logan who is excited about the phenomenal gift her grandparents have prepared for her.

And as you can guess, the project was not cheap.

The cheapest playhouses the company makes go for $15,000. However, high-end alternatives cost up to $250,000.

So, if you ever want to make a beloved make-believe house a reality, then you should get in touch with Charmed Playhouses–they will make your neighbors envious.

But as far as spoiling grandkids is concerned, Dave and Ruby Dunlop clearly take the cake.