These shocking photos of the home a toddler grew up in have gone viral after the child in the images shared them online.

The teenager, from Idaho, posted the gut-wrenching photos on Imgur this week showing the squalor she and her four siblings endured.

“This is me at 18 months,” she wrote alongside a photo of a toddler lying in a filthy room strewn with drug paraphernalia.

“Yes, those are needles on the windowsill, and yes, this is what the entire house looked like.

The woman said she and her siblings were taken into foster care after her older brother, who was 16 at the time, grew “sick of (their) conditions” and took the photos to show a teacher at school.

The images were handed to Child Protection Services, and the children were removed from their mother’s care.

The girl said she then spent nine years on and off in foster care but was now doing well.

The images prompted more than 2000 responses on Reddit, where users expressed shock and sympathy.

One user wrote: “My daughter is about your age and this breaks my heart.

“Please accept a really big mom hug, you deserved better.”

Another said: “It physically hurts to think of how many children are in situations exactly like this or worse right this second.”

The girl who posted the images later wrote: “Thank you for all the support! I was not expecting this much of a reaction!”

She also said she hoped one day to help other children in similar situations.

“I don’t want to give birth to children. I only want to foster/adopt,” she wrote.

“I would prefer older kids, as it’s harder for them to get adopted.”

It shows incredible courage from this young survivor.